Injection Moulding Company

Hardomid is a well-established injection moulding company offering exclusive services throughout the South- African region. We are the leaders in injection moulding South Africa.

Hardomid is a market leader in the mining supplier industry in South-Africa. Our extensive track record of on time deliveries and superior quality products leaves us at the top of the list of trusted mining equipment suppliers to our clientele throughout the entire South African region.


5 Engineering Tips for Metal Fabrication

When one sees a car you begin to ask yourself how it was assembled and how long it took. This requires metal fabricators to help with the process of getting the material cut. Metal Fabrication can be described as the end result of designs that were drawn up and brought to life. To get the best out of these drawings, all measurements have to be exactly as specified on the designs.

Further outlining the importance of linking design to engineering to have a product that is above par and worth selling. At Hardomid SA we have committed ourselves to providing quality metal fabrication to mines. We have ensured that offer diverse services and innovative solutions by manufacturing A -grade products.


Suppliers of Mining and Engineering Products

We are the Premium Suppliers of Mining and Engineering Products and Here is Why:

Hardomid has been supplying the South African mining industry since 1981, and since South Africa is the world’s largest producer of some of the Earth’s most valuable and sort after minerals, it’s no wonder we have been able to flourish with this incredible industry that is the main contributor to the countries ever growing economy.

From platinum and chrome to vanadium and manganese, and everything in between, it’s easy to see why South Africa is at the centre of the mineral universe. We want to strive to get better and better as the years go by and maintain the number 1 world ranking. So as one of the leading providers of mining equipment and products in South Africa, Hardomid is here to assist you.


Engineering Supplies

We Offer a Wide Range of Engineering Supplies

When you are looking for a reliable provider of quality engineering supplies, then Hardomid should be the first name on your list. The company was established back in 1981 and ever since, we have serviced the South African mining and industrial sectors, while earning a reputation as one of the best in the industry. more…

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